The Dracula Experience is a unique tour through the Dracula story and the connection to
Whitby. Using animated scenes, electronic special effects and live actors.
In 1885 the Russian Schooner The Demeter was hit by a wild storm and ran aground in
Whitby harbour on Tate Hill Sands. Mysteriously all the crew were dead including the captain
who was lashed to the helm. The instant the Demeter ran agound a huge black dog was
seen to leap ashore and run up the 199 steps towards Whitby abbey. The dog was known to
be one of the many forms into which a vampire could transform itself. Bram Stokers Count
Dracula had arrived in England…

Welcome to Dracula Experience

Join us, if you dare, for an educational story of Bram Stoker, the writer of Dracula in a historic Whitby setting.

Opening Times

Winter / Early Spring: Weekends only 11am–5pm
Spring: April–July: Open Everyday* 11am–5pm
Summer: July–September: Everyday 11am–5pm (Live Actors )
Autumn: September–November: Open Everyday* 11am–5pm
Winter: November / December / January: Weekends only* 11am–5pm
Christmas and New Year: Times may vary please call on the day you would like to visit**

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9 Marine Parade, Whitby, YO21 3PR


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