As you enter a dreadful fear will come upon you. The counts mysterious appearance and frightening warning will make you wonder if you should have come to Whitby…

Scene 1

Bram Stoker sits creating his terrifying story of Dracula while looking over Whitby, with an unexpected warning from Transylvania.

Scene 2

One of the three voluptuous ladies, who had been victims of Dracula and now vampires themselves, gases hungrily, as the count in the disguise of a large bat wearing the menacing black cloak glides towards you.

Scene 3

The wretched Wrenfield, a patient in Doctor John Steward’s Lunatic Asylum spent hours after hour amusing himself with bluebottles, spiders, sparrows and a kitten trying to make each in turn eat the other. Wrenfield became caught up by Dracula’s spell but in his torment warned the heroes of the dangers threatening Mina – A warning which cost him his life.

Scene 4

The dead captain of the Russian ship Demeter was found lashed to the wheel after the schooner was driven ashore by the East Cliff on Tate Hill Pier. A huge black dog was seen to jump ashore and run up the 199 steps to Whitby abbey. In the dead captains pocket was a water tight bottle containing a written account of the terror on board leading up to his death and those of his five crew.

Scene 5

Lucy has taken to sleep walking and was spotted one night by Mina in the moonlight on a seat towards the Whitby Abbey. Mina ran along the crescent, along the north terrace and up the 199 steps to help her friend who appeared to be in company of a cloaked figure with violent red eyes.

Scene 6

Poor sweet Mina has been attacked by Dracula and receives a blood transfusion from her husband Jonathan under the supervision of professor Van Helsing.

Scene 7

Lucy lies destroyed in her coffin, killed by a stake through her heart inflicted by her demented fiance’ Arthur so that she may lie in peace . An early victim to Dracula on his arrival in Whitby , Lucy succumbed to the inevitable chance feasting on human blood unable to resist her hypnotic power.

Scene 8

Count Dracula pursued by our heroes returns to Transylvania. They catch up with him at the Boro Pass where a fearful fight follows, in the course of which Quincey is mortally wounded; but the Count is finally cornered and destroyed by Jonathan with a blow from his Kukri knife which severs Draculas head. It seems his reign of terror is over.. Or is it..?